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Stardust Drive

Sci-Fi Fantasy

Even in this galaxy,

things aren't as they seem.

The princess of the Solar Galaxy is forced by her mother onto the ship of the notorious space pirate Sullivan "Van" Marauder and his crew (Lux T. Cipher, the lookout, and D-R, the driver) to the other side of the galaxy to escape a military coup that threatens to kill all members of the royal family.

Mask secured to her face and curiosity in hand, the long journey ahead will be full of more surprises than just the orphan they pick up along the way.

Taking the Stardust Drive

Ships travel to others across this galaxy using the stardust. Unfortunately, it only flows on way. This means all ships have to go the same route. There are seven planets and five races that make up this galaxy.


Space Pirates

They have no king, but they know how to take up space and cause havoc. As a result, they don't get along with the Royal Jenodian Guard.

Jenodian Society

Jenodian princess's don't have a name until they get married, which is also when they take their mask off. They are similar to humans, other than having holes in their ears (like piercings). The particular princess in this story has 10 holes for each ear, the most any Jenodian has ever had.

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