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The world as we knew it drowned long ago. Blue, the deaf fisher, grew up on the waters that drowned skyscrapers and forests years ago. They're accustom to surviving on their own in this world, until Kaden crashes into their life from (apparently) the moon.


With the promise of a dream come true, Blue agrees to help Kaden get back home. That's not going to be as easy as they had thought though. Not because of physics, but because of the people from the past Blue has tried to leave behind.

Blue Waters

Speculative Fiction

A World Forced Underwater

Due to drastic changes in climate, sea levels rose around the world at alarming rates. Virtually all the lands were flooded, forced into an underwater grave. When this story takes place, the only signs of the former civilization are dilapidated skyscrapers that just break the waters surface. Some humans, however, were able to adjust and pass on their survival skills to their descendants.

Aerial Photo of a City_edited.jpg
Fishing Village


In Blue's world there are no borders, but there are alliances called "Fractions" located in certain areas. Some live in boating communities, some swim through bogs and some station themselves on what's left of mountains. To wander is fine, though should you take what's not yours you may live to regret it, if you are able to escape with your life. 

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